Water Resources (GEO 3434)


Lecture on floods at Sewell Park during Halloween 2013 FloodLecture on floods at Sewell Park during Halloween 2013 Flood

Student measuring velocity of San Marcos RiverStudent measuring velocity of San Marcos River

Water is one of the most important and most disputed resources across the globe, and affects everybody’s daily lives. This critical role is a result of the fact that water sustains virtually all life, supports almost all economic activities, and is one of the most valuable and desirable aesthetic resources. In this course, we will study the science, management, socioeconomics, and politics of water resources from a geographical perspective. Given the importance of water resources and the fact that a working knowledge of water resources is required for many professional positions, this will be a rigorous course that will provide you with professional-level experience in water resources. You will get your feet wet (literally and figuratively) by measuring hydrology, accessing and analyzing water resources data, and producing professional reports on these analyses.


Professor, Department of Geography, Texas State University

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