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Dr. Jason Julian is an Environmental Geographer and Earth Systems Scientist who investigates landscape changes and ecosystem processes across broad scales, with a focus on water resources and human-environment interactions. He is a Fulbright Senior Scholar (New Zealand) and co-Director of the Landscape Land Use Change Institute. His formal training is in Geomorphology, Hydrology, and Landscape Ecology. Past projects have included land cover effects on watershed runoff, downstream effects of dams and dam removal, modeling light availability and primary production in rivers, headwater channel mapping, riverbank erosion, agricultural impacts on river ecosystems, bio-geomorphic feedbacks in rivers, and historical urban development trends in South-Central U.S. Currently funded projects include “Land Management Impacts on Water Quality in New Zealand across Political Boundaries” and “Incorporating Ecological Costs and Benefits into Environmental Flow Recommendations for Oklahoma Rivers.” Future work will likely involve analyzing land use/land cover changes and their impact on natural resources across broad scales.  Dr. Julian is now a Professor at Texas State University, where he teaches courses on Water Resources.  In his spare time, Jason enjoys outdoor activities with his family, including hiking, kayaking, and tennis.  He is also an avid traveler, witnessing how humans are transforming landscapes but also taking great pleasure in seeing the natural wonders of the world.